Inked Girls Tattooed Model: Chelsey Mac

Tattooed model and Inked Girls magazine model, Chelsey Mac, talks about a life in Canada and Australia


If home is where the heart is then Chelsey still calls Australia home, even if she has returned to Alberta, Canada where she resides with her two pug babies, Wednesday and Pugsley, and her loving, tattooed husband Rhys. It’s easy to say that 2012 has been a year that Chelsey won’t be quick to forget. From modelling for Inked Girls and History Clothing in Australia and through support from companies such as From the Darkest of Shadows, Kill The Muisc (Brisbane), Black Craft Clothing and Rusted Horse Clothing and personally from tattooists like Rachi Brains from Black Throne tattoo, it’s not surprising that this girl has amazing people supporting her.

Her affection for the land down under started when her family moved to Australia when she was 16 years old. “I was a competitive diver and my brother represented Australia in swimming,” Chelsey explains. What followed was an eight-year adventure living predominantly in Brisbane, but also with time spent on the Gold Coast and in Sydney. Returning regularly, 2012 saw new dreams and memories created for Chelsey with the couple, who met in Australia in 2005, married in Queensland. “Each time I go back to Australia it looks more beautiful than the last.  I was lucky enough to live in what I consider to be some of the most beautiful parts, but have also visited Melbourne, Byron Bay and Adelaide.”

Chelsea lives two lives in one, a graphic designer and an event coordinator by day, her modelling career has grown and takes up many nights and weekends, and this Inked Girls model wouldn’t have it any other way. “One of my favourtie things about being so tattooed is shocking people that don’t know I have any tattoos. I have had people that I worked with for years that had no idea I had any tattoos until they saw me in public on a day off.” But there is a limit to how tattooed Chelsey plans to be. “I don’t plan to get my hands or throat done,” she admits. “I really like being able to look completely different in my working environment. I can’t say I have ever been treated unfairly for being tattooed but I certainly like the emphasis to be about my working ability and not my appearance”.

As the beautiful art grows across her body, Chelsey admits that her first tattoo was something she rushed into. A tiny star on her wrist when she was just 18, she wanted it done so badly that it wasn’t until after it was finished that she noticed it was uneven and years late she got it covered. From that experience she learned to “take my time and research my tattoo artists before just going into any shop to get work done.” Taking her time to choose her next big piece – her ribs – Chelsey has “managed” to get the outline and shading completed in two sittings, with one more to go. She admits that as the story plays out across her body a few along the way tried to persuade her not to get tattooed.

“I don’t let other people’s opinions worry me. I get tattooed because I want to, I love the way they look and they all have great memories attached to them.”


words by Vanessa Morgan
photos by jl photography