The Ghost Inside is gathering momentum as they take to the stage!


Touring to the point of a certain kind of craziness, Aaron Brooks admits that the rollercoaster ride that is being part of metalcore band The Ghost Inside doesn’t always guarantee they do things the right way, but, regardless, the outcome is somewhat sensational. Take, for instance, their last album, Get What You Give. With the band always on the road, when they got to the studio they had simply “run out of time” to write the album. Brooks and new drummer, Andrew Tkaczyk entered the studio with “five guitar riff, none of which went together.” As luck would have it Tkaczyk wrote for his previous band, so after just nine days in the studio and a week of recording, the album was done.  Brooks warns anyone reading this: “It’s definitely not the way you should do it!”

Touring for the album has been much like the rest of their lives – unconventional. Embarking on a tour of South East Asia – which takes in China, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam – the band approached the booking agent with a request for places that they’ve always wanted to visit, and if they could break even by touring, then they were going.

And while Australia is not a place that they’ve neglected to visit, touring six times in six years, it was also on their list of achievements that they wanted to cross off the list, only this time headlining their own shows. Brooks reflects sentimentally on Australia as the first country they toured outside of the US. “It’s hard to believe that before 2007, we hadn’t left the country. Then Prom Queen asked us to come down for their Goodbye Tour – that was before they said hello again. Our singer had been doing merch for Bleeding Through when we met them, so we said ‘we’ll do it’.”

Brooks has some unfinished business in Australia that he’s looking to cross off his personal list.  His upper arm, designed and tattooed by Queensland tattooist Rachi Brains, is yet to be finished and he says she’ll probably get a last minute call begging her to fit him in. Even with her crazy wait list he is sure that the Brains, who he met when on tour with her boyfriend, will be able to fit him in. While he can’t stop praising the beauty of his current tattooist’s work, he does admit that 75 per cent of the work he had done young is utter rubbish. “When you’re young you don’t think,” says Brooks, “And what you don’t realise is that you’ll have to pay for it no matter what.” Brooks says he’s had to work around the old stuff ever since, but there is always more room for great artists and great stories.