From the team

Vanessa Morgan


Picking my favourite cover is a little like picking my favourite child – well, fur baby! Covers give me great anxiety. They usually start being pulled together four to six months before you see them. There are many people involved. Others, like the Teneile, Megan, Cleo cover with the skull, come together in two days. The opportunity appeared and who the hell wouldn’t want to hang with those girls? It’s definitely among one of my favourites. It was exhausting, taking place the day after an expo. Afterwards we had a drink overlooking Bondi Beach as the sun went down – hard life!

I love, love, love the Patton cover. There is something about the amount of tattoos, the big hair and this tiny girl filling the space. Her eyes catch me every time.

I also love the Shock Mansion cover that almost got us yanked from the shelves! Too much skin? No, the secret gun got someone, somewhere worried. The cover was pulled together from a number of shoots. The guys up in Queensland and the model on the other side of the world who we had to translate the idea to and then also what we needed from her photographer. There were calls and emails flying for weeks… And then it appeared and there was just so much ink and so much awesome!

But when it comes down to it my favourite shoot created my favourite classic cover. Tiah and Patrick: so relaxed, so elegant, so stunning. I even have one of the photos from the shoot on my wall because I can’t believe how beautiful it is and that I had anything to do with creating such a perfect image. Really it’s all about Tiah. Every single photo from the shoot was divine. It’s the closest to high fashion we’ve ever done and I love that it breaks every stereotype of what people think of when they think of a tattoo magazine and that’s how I see Inked Australia/NZ.

Rob Loughridge

Creative Director

Over the last five years at Inked we have certainly got to work with a diverse bunch of people! From pop stars to porn stars, inked girls to international models, soccer players, DJs and, of course, a few thousand or so tattooists. I’m proud of all the covers we have produced as each have their own merits and memories. However, the cover for the launch issue of Inked was definitely one of the more interesting days at the office. We were trying to keep our budget to a minimum so instead of using a photographic studio we decided to shoot the cover (and another feature) in my apartment all in the same afternoon.

Before Sarah and the team arrived I spent the morning clearing the bedroom and dining furniture and piling it out of the way in the corner – don’t ever believe that photoshoots are glamourous! The cover pic was actually shot against my bedroom wall and the flying ducks in the feature are from the dining room. The end result works well as it adds a bit of extra texture to the picture that you wouldn’t necessarily get from a studio. Once we’d got enough shots of Sarah it was straight onto Johnny and Blue from the Potbelleez who we shot in other areas of the apartment building (without the permission of the body corporate!) Oops!


Jason Ierace 


I think my favourite cover would have to be the one I shot with the three artist, Cleo, Teneile and Megan. They where all super lovely, and how can you not love a shot with three gorgeous tatted-up girls lying across a giant skull? SOLD.



Miss Inked 2015

My favourite cover is definitely Cleo, Megan and Teneile’s.

I recently attended the Surf n’ Ink Tattoo Convention on the Gold Coast and had the chance to chat to tattoo artists, performers, parents of tattooed kids and a whole mix of people. I took the time to speak to some people walking around to get their opinion on today’s acceptance of tattoos in the mainstream. The main consensus was that only a couple of years ago having tattoos generally meant you were known as a criminal or a bikie, and they were mainly seen on men. Coming from a Polish family myself, tattoos were not done and my family’s main concerns were how I would find work and how I would be perceived by others.

To have three beautiful, successful and intelligent businesswomen on the front cover of a tattoo magazine, who are great role models and are help changing the “stigma” of the tattoo culture, is truly inspiring and motivating. I think we need more businesswomen like these ladies to help educate and inspire the tattooed and cleanskin community.


Brent Leideritz


My current favourite Inked cover is the Festival of Music Issue (issue #19) due to the focus of the photo and the nice balance of type in the overall layout. This photo engages the viewer in a strong yet approachable fashion, tempting you to look further in to what’s inside.


Ashlee Savins


I’ve shot a few covers for Inked. This one was the first I was trusted with (cheers Ness and Rob!) and it’s still my favourite. The whole shoot came together so effortlessly; Tilly is such a beautiful creature inside and out it was impossible to take a bad shot of her.

The styling was impeccable, the dresses by Ashley Rose Couture were absolutely incredible, and it was such an honour to be able to collaborate with her after I had been eyeing off her creations on Instagram for ages before the shoot.

Shooting for Inked always leaved me coming home with a sore face from smiling and laughing too much, and this one was no exception. Tilly and I got along like a house on fire, and have remained good mates ever since!
Basically, I just love that I shot a completely bad-ass babe as a beautiful couture goddess. Cheers again Inked for making every shoot I do for you a ton of fun and super rewarding!

Gemma Ameera

Advertising Manager

My fave issue is hands down #17 with Gin Wigmore on the cover – before I even worked for Inked this was my favourite cover.
A) She’s a babe  B) I love her voice and C) cover is class!


Sarah McLeod

Cover #1

Who doesn’t wanna be on the cover of a tattoo mag! I remember the guy from The Potbelleez was at the shoot, and I had a weird hairdo. Of course, I agreed to do the shoot and be on the first cover.

Since then, I’ve got The SUPERJESUS back together which  has been really fun. We’ve done a couple of tours now and I’m loving playing electric guitar again. Also, I started a collaboration with Jeff Martin from the Tea Party. He and I toured acoustically  for six months.

The SUPERJESUS and the Baby Animals are doing a co-headline tour in May. We will be releasing a new single to coincide with the tour. Also I’m doing a lot of shows with Mick Skelton, who is the Baby Animals drummer. Another project is Black Diamond Express, which is scheduled for late 2015. That’s a record made with myself, Mick Skelton and Jeff Martin. It’s killer, Mick and I have been writing together for 10 years and it’s the pick of the bunch.

Tattoo-wise, I was filmed just the other day for the Bondi Ink TV show. I got a big lightning bolt on my arm.


Sabina Kelley

Cover #7

Inked Australia/NZ is the funniest magazine ever to work with, or maybe it’s just working with Nessa!

My memory from my cover shoot was working with Jason Ierace, he’s such an amazing photographer. I remember having to wear a couple of outfits I was not stoked on, but I got the pics back and they were absolutely incredible and the outfits looked great with the storyline we did. Now I want to shoot with Jason every time I am in Australia!

In 2015 I will be doing shoots still all over the world. I’ll be hosting a Miss Tattoo World competition, headlining some more dates in the show PinUp at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, opening up a tattoo shop in Tennessee, shooting a 2016 calendar and lots more exciting, fun stuff I cannot talk about yet. I will also be waiting on lots of Chicos (yes, the lollies) from Nessa – since we can’t get any of those in the US [laughs]!


Lyndall Vile

Cover #13

Gracing the cover of Inked in May/June 2012 seems like a lifetime ago, and so many things have happened in the years since. I remember that shoot so well as I was busy not only modelling, but also styling the hair of the other three girls I shared the cover with.

I still love doing hair, however I have since minimised the amount of time I spend in the salon to focus on my personal training business, Boss Babes and Barbells. I’ve worked in several gyms and even managed a personal training studio over the years but now my business is based out of Newtown in Sydney, and I absolutely love being my own boss!

Through my own experiences, both good and bad, my focus now is on educating women to make better choices with their nutrition, engaging in a training program that is enjoyable, challenging and fits in with their lifestyle; and working on developing a positive mindset so that women can learn to love themselves again and put themselves first. My goal is to shed light on all of the misinformation in the fitness industry that has everyone confused about what to eat, what not to eat, how to train, how not to train and everything in-between. The reality is that achieving your body composition or strength goal is relatively easy, what makes it difficult is all the confusing information out there that has us questioning what path is best to take.

As well as helping others reach their goals, I myself have had much success in the sport of powerlifting. I’m a 4x National Powerlifting Champion and currently hold 9x national and world records in the under-75kg female class. Competing has completely shifted my focus away from how I look aesthetically to how strong I can be – and with a history of disordered eating and excessive exercise – this has given me a much healthier outlook on food, exercise and my body. Powerlifting has given me a platform in which I have met so many amazing people and I’m able to reach out and help so many others in Sydney and around Australia.

Fortunately I live with my fantastic partner, Kade, and he supports me in whatever I want to do – he’s also a tattooist (Kaleidoscope Tattoo) which is also handy for whenever I feel the need for new ink (and whenever he has a spare moment to tattoo me). All In all I’m very grateful for all the experiences and opportunities I’ve had over the past few years and I’m grateful that I have a great balance between managing my personal training and online coaching clientele and my hairdressing clientele.

I’m very much looking forward to what the future holds!


Sarah Marie Summer

Issue #20

All I ever wanted to do since I was a child was be an entertainer, specifically a big, busty bombshell singing sensation. I’d lost hope on many occasions growing up. Let’s face it, the entertainment industry is nothing less than cut throat. I could never let go of the passion though and decided to defy all odds by jumping on a plane and moving to Australia three years ago to make it happen. I was rewarded for my hope after I met my current manager in a strip club, of all places, who said, “Let’s make it happen”. I’ve recorded my first single ‘Plaything’ and I’ve shot an ultra sexy and controversial video clip for it alongside the release of three new songs. I’ll start doing live shows this month!

My biggest achievement since shooting with Inked? Well, this will sound ridiculous, but my latest boob job. In comparison to my bust in the last Inked shoot, I never thought it would be possible to have such a large bust – although I’ve fantasised about it since I was a kid. I’m proud because I didn’t do it earlier as I feared the social stigma of judgmental people. I love them and feel like the authentic me now. I went through the same bullshit from my parents/peers/strangers on the internet when I first got tattooed: “Ewww why did you do that to your skin? You were so beautiful before all those markings”. When you stop listening, that’s the greatest feeling in the world.

I’ve dreamed of getting my ribs tattooed forever but wanted to wait until after my new boobs were done to check my skin didn’t get distorted in any area close to them. Now that’s done I’m planning on getting something booked in! I’m also gagging to get some sentimental sneaky words on the insides of my fingers.

I will treasure the photos (from issue #20) forever. It meant a lot to me that you guys wanted to celebrate my art. A very different version of me too… That was the start of my epic journey in Australia.



Cover: #22

Since this cover I have started doing music! Working with some amazing musicians and producers such as Jay Gee at Mayhem Entertainment, ATP (produced Swing by Savage, 4x platinum producer) and Ezra James. I have started up my own clothing label, Medicine Wolf Clothing, that specialises in custom lingerie and streetwear. I have toured around Australia and New Zealand with Sophia Lee (Living Dolls Inc), have done styling, direction and hair for our Fierce Factory photoshoots, which also includes a model workshop where we teach new girls in the industry. We also created Miss Diamond Doll – a pageant for every size, shape, looks and alternative woman, which is touring New Zealand and Australia this year too.

I am going to finish my first album by the end of the year and I’m planning to go to LA this year too, it’s all pretty crazy, but I love it. It means I am doing something right!

My favourite Inked Australia/NZ cover is Tilly Dee’s cover. She’s such a lovely girl and her artwork is amazing. She usually dresses in streetwear, like myself, so it was cute to see her in a beautiful dress and flowers! She stood out for me.

My memory of the shoot is that I felt so welcomed by the whole team. I had never done a ‘pure’ (all white, natural makeup) styled shoot before so I was nervous! I loved the girls – Jess and Lizzi were so lovely and we made a good modelling team. WERK! I also remember touching a few butts. It was lots of fun! Thanks Ness for being an awesome editor and a lovely human. You’re my fave.