We welcome Miss Lilli Grace to the Miss Inked Top 10 2016!

Below is a quick interview with her so you can know more before you vote:

Inked: Colour or black and grey tattoos?
Miss Lilli Grace: I tend to go for black and grey as I see it as timeless, but lately I’ve been getting into colour a lot more. Just splashes here and there throughout my sleeve so I defiantly don’t discriminate.

If you could be tattooed by any tattooist in the world who would you choose? So hard to pick just one! Having a bit of an obsession at the moment with work by Danny Lepore from Bullseye Tattoo in New York [who appeared in issue 33 of Inked Aus/NZ]. Saw some of his work at a Tattoo Expo and fell in love. But that doesn’t take away from my current tattoo artists that I work with. Love you guys too haha.

Favourite current tattoo? Probably my forearm sleeve that I’m in the middle of extending, constant work in progress.

If you could pick a celeb to play you in a movie who would it be and why? Probably Anna Farris, purely just because she seems like a bit of a dork (that we totally have in common) and she’s just bloody hilarious.

 Is there a photographer you’d most like to photographed by? I’m loving work by Andy Hartmark, Captures images beautifully.

Cats vs dogs? Dogs! Cats do have a lot of sass though…

If you could be on the cover with one other person – friend/celeb/other who would you choose? Rick Genest all the way. However, I would settle for Johnny Depp.

Dream career? Anything to do with music! If only I could sing!

What’s a secret everyone should know about you? I have a guilty pleasure for Watching shark attack videos on YouTube… Such a creep!

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