Words by Robert McCormick Photographs by Sophy Holland

The only thing tame about mid-century pin-ups was Bettie Page taming a bad girl by putting one over her knee and spanking her. These photos we now think of as classy and glamorous were downright scandalous in their day.

The modern day equivalent could be the cam girl. Both Bettie and our girl, Jessica Wilde, have titillated from afar through images and pushed sexuality past society’s collective safe word. It was through the webcam that we fell for the enchantress who also goes by “Tatt Goddess”. The resolution on her videos and selfies didn’t properly reflect the entirety of her beauty so we asked her to pose for our camera as one of the comely pin-ups of yore.

“Pin-up is the ultimate image of femininity,” Jessica says. “I love the style and the feel of this genre.”

At first she seemed shy for the camera, remarking that this was one of her first professional shoots, and the biggest by far. Even for a girl who bares every inch of herself to men from around the world, she is still just a girl.

In order to conjure up her inner Tatt Goddess, while she fills our frame someone suggests she pretend our lens is her laptop camera. “On cam I normally just tell fart jokes,” she answers

She’s funny, beautiful and intelligent. Along with her cam shows she also has a YouTube channel where she waxes lyrical about her life. In her “What I Look For In A Man” installment she says, “There is a stereotype that heavily tattooed women go after big douchebags. I fall for the nerdy guy.” Also, “I want a guy to tell me that I have a fat arse and mean it.”

Jessica got her first tattoo at age 13, a butterfly tramp stamp, which seems right for her age and time. Then she cooled off for a while. “I really don’t know where the name Tatt Goddess came from because when I picked that almost five years ago I only had a few tattoos. Maybe I kept getting inked to suit the name?”

Her Japanese sleeve was supposed to be a half-sleeve cover up but she extended it after getting her Alice in Wonderland sleeve to stay even. She designed Alice after seeing Scott Campbell’s work, and that character on her thigh is Mara Jade from the Star Wars comics (if you are her type you knew that though). All her stuff is colour.

“I love how colourful tattoos can still make a woman look feminine,” she says.

She has had a few artists work on her but is only trusting to Troy Semkiw of Little Bird Tattoo in Vernon, British Columbia.

“People either love or hate them on the cam!” she says. “I get more love for them than bad comments. I feel more beautiful with tattoos – that’s all that matters.”

Jessica’s most recent piece goes across her hips. “I had a big surgical scar from hip to hip, I debated getting it inked for about two years before I took the plunge and I’m sad I didn’t do it sooner. It’s given me more confidence,” she says.

Jessica hopes to give that experience to other women through a fashion line she is launching this year, Naked and Rich. She is collaborating with Russell Von Villafuerte, a designer who was runner-up on Project Runway Philippines. “I think of my girl, my customer, as Sophia – she’s a gorgeous, motivated woman from NYC. She’s all about shopping, power and independence,” Jessica says.

“I know I can’t cam forever. I want to show confidence in and out of clothing.”