Your 5 minutes with… Danielle Riches! Miss Inked Top 10 2016

Inked: Colour or black and grey tattoos?
On myself, primarily black and grey. I love colour work on other people though!

If you could be tattooed by any tattooist worldwide who would you choose? Tokyo’s Horitoshi first. His work is phenomenal.

Favourite current tattoo? One of my first ever pieces – a black tiger down my side.

If you could pick a celeb to play you in a movie who would it be and why? Keira Knightley. Talented and gorgeous.

Is there a photographer you’d most like to photographed by? Steven Meisel. He’s worked with Italian vogue, Madonna, Linda Evangelista…

Cats vs dogs? The impossible question. I love them both so much!

If you could be on the cover with one other person – friend/celeb/other who would you choose? Oooh, Travis Barker! Or Jared Leto. Or Ryan Gosling.

Dream career? I’m working towards conservation biology at the moment, but if that doesn’t work out video game testing would be awesome!

What’s a secret everyone should know about you? I once tried to ask a boy out in another language to impress him (his native tongue), but instead of being cute I ended up calling him on old man with a nice ‘nose shoe’ (?!). Needless to say, I was rejected.

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