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Colour or black and grey tattoos? I have both but I prefer and mostly have black and grey and will be continuing with black and grey. The shading and detail in good black and grey tattoos looks better I think.

If you could be tattooed by any tattooist who would you choose? Carlos Torres. His black and grey realism work is amazing! I am yet to see bad piece from him.

Favorite current tattoo? My Aussie war themed sleeve on my left arm would have to be my favorite as it is dedicated to the people who served for our country and has meaning.

If you could pick a celeb to play you in a movie who would it be and why? Angelina Jolie, as she’s such an inspirational and strong woman and she has overcome a lot of hardships.

Is there a photographer you’d most like to photographed by? I would love to be photographed by Lionel Deluy who has photographed many celebs and inked celebs.

Cats vs. dogs? Dogs 🙂 I have both along with most animals you can think of including a camel, water buffalo etc. but my old Maltese shitzu that has two teeth left is my best friend.

If you could be on the cover with one other person – friend/celeb/other who would you choose? Kat Von D as she is stunning and someone a lot of people look up too.

Dream career? Working in an animal sanctuary overseas.

What’s a secret everyone should know about you? It wouldn’t be a secret if I put it out there in public would it? 😉

Miss Teisha Miss Inked IMG_0267 Miss Inked 2016 Miss Teisha