Time to spend some time learning all about the amazing Miss Dahlia Black!
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Colour or black and grey tattoos? Colour!

If you could be tattooed by any tattooist who would you choose? So many to choose from, but I would probably say Capilli Tupou.

Favourite current tattoo? My chest piece, or my back.

If you could pick a celeb to play you in a movie who would it be and why? Angelina Jolie, because she’s absolutely divine and I wish I could be her!

Is there a photographer you’d most like to be photographed by? Hugo V.

Cats vs. dogs? I’m a self-professed crazy dog lady! They are the greatest.

If you could be on the cover with one other person – friend/celeb/other who would you choose? Oh that’s a hard one, I don’t think I would choose a person though. My pick would bemy best friend, my Frenchie x Boston Terrier baby Amund.

Dream career? Without sounding like I’m setting us back 50 years… housewife. Or I would love to work in animal rescue.

What’s a secret everyone should know about you! I tried really hard to think of one, but I’m stumped! I’m an open book.

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