Inked Girl: Thursday’s Child – Emma


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Sometimes the most beautiful things are hidden right before your eyes. We discover the beauty of Sydney with NSW local, Inked Cover Model Emma.

Photography by Ashlee Savins Creative

“Being 18–25 is like playing a video game where you’ve skipped the tutorial and you’re just sort of running about with no idea
how anything works.”

This largely sums up how I feel at present. I’ve realised lately just how important it is to be passionate in life. I want to pursue my interests, whatever they may be. I spend a lot of my time listening to hip-hop and writing. I’ve found ever since I started to put my life on paper, it got easier to understand. I see it as a way to express how I feel and deal with my emotions.

My first tattoo was the owl on my back. I had to wait until I was 18 (in hindsight a good idea, Mum). I got it for my Nan because she had a big collection of porcelain owls at her house. Now my sisters and I collect them. I went to STR [Tattoo & Art Studio] in Wyong and was lucky enough to be tattooed by Shannon Richmond. It turned out exactly how I had pictured it, and the tattoo has held really beautifully since. It’s still my favourite tattoo. I would really love to get a big back piece from my friend Matty D Mooney. His work is insane. Always bright, bold and captivating… Google him!

It’s definitely a lot more acceptable in today’s world [to be tattooed]. I understand people from different eras have a harder time understanding the appeal. I do occasionally get filthy looks and comments like, “You’re such a gorgeous girl, why did you ruin your body with tattoos?” But to me that’s just a quick way to rule out people I don’t want to be associating with. People will always judge, you might as well express yourself.

As for things I do for fun. I love working on a shoot, hanging out with my siblings or cat and watching sitcoms. I am always seeing my favourite artists and models in Inked, so I’m really humbled to be part of it. Being a model with tattoos can be challenging, so I’m happy to be part of a magazine that celebrates people for their differences.

As for what’s next? I’m not sure. Wherever my heart takes me.