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Inked: What was your first tattoo and do you still have it?
Eleisha: My first tattoo was a strange Celtic symbol for my star sign when I was 18 in the 90s! Yikes. It’s still there just hidden.

Who would you most like to be photographed by? Present day – Mario Testino though the ultimate would have been Helmut Newton

Who is the person you most look up to and why? Not a particular individual but more those making sacrifices to improve others lives. The Dr’s from Medicine San Frontiers, people fighting on the front lines for freeing women and children from sexual slavery – the hard work that isn’t necessarily celebrated by the masses but is genuinely saving and changing lives.

What’s your favourite piece of clothing? Do shoes count? All and any of my Louboutins though as a busy mum I’d spend most of my time in my jeans.

If you could interview anyone (dead or alive) who would you choose? Why? Stephen Fry. He’s witty and clever and lived so much life! He’s probably the only person I’d get nervous in front of.

Black & grey or colour? Colour! The brighter the better.

Which tattooist is on your dream list? Angelique Houtkamp from Salon Serpent

What was the first thing you said when you found out you were top 10?“Whhhaaaaaaaaaattttt?! …wow!”


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