Miss Krissy: Miss Inked 2017

MissInked2017_KrissyMiss Krissy

Inked: What was your first tattoo and do you still have it?
Miss Krissy:
A tiny X on my wrist. I was 19 and I didn’t know it then but years later the man who did it for me would become my life partner. Poor you, Dave Olteanu. I still have it. Dave still thinks it’s lame;  I think it’s romance.

Who would you most like to be photographed by?  Miles aldridge! I love his work! But closer to home I really like Tristan Manas he makes everyone look so fancy and flawless… and shiny. Also shotbyash is amazing!

Who is the person you most look up to and why? My Grandfather. He is hilarious, patient, kind, calm and odd. He laughs when people get killed in movies and that’s the first impression he gave my Nana when they met. She said he was “weird”. He refuses to eat meat, does things his own way and never reacts with emotion. He thinks before he acts. Someone I could really learn from!! His face is tattooed on my arm. All the women in the nursing home I work at think he is handsome.

What’s your favourite piece of clothing? My red bikini. Always a bikini but the red one especially because: A 99 year old woman i recently cared for would yell ” A RED BIKINI!!! BEKEEEENEY THERE’S NO DOUBT ABOUT YA” and every time I pull out my red bikini, I think of her.

If you could interview anyone (dead or alive) who would you choose? 
I would ask the person who invented peanut butter to please not do that because it’s too high in calories to be this addictive.

Black & grey or colour? Colour.

Which tattooist is on your dream list? Kat Abdy, Onnie O’leary & Emily Rose Murray.

What was the first thing you said when you found out you were top 10? A swear word and then another one followed by “I better chill out on the cookies”


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