Inked: Who are the members of Death Do Us Part Danger Show?
Death Do Us Part Danger Show: Rachel and Charlie Atlas all the way from the UK they are one of the world’s most notorious knife-throwing duos,, Madeline Glasseater, Australia’s premier Sideshow Showgirl and Jacqueline Furey, who is one of Australia’s top burlesque performers.

For the readers that don’t know, what is vaudeville? The term Vaudeville originated and was commonly used between the 1880’s and 1930’s and was most commonly used to describe a variety show, a show made up of many different elements…we are not traditional vaudeville, we are more at the sideshow end of the spectrum, but what we do provide is a funny, sexy, danger-filled variety show where the audience is constantly kept on their toes(and entertained) by the variety of the acts.

What should people expect from your tour throughout Australia? A sexy, thrilling, rollercoaster ride of a show…Not many people do circus impalement(that’s the technical term for a human target) knife throwing these days, and definitely not many in Australia…while that is the centrepiece of the show, there’s loads of other stuff happening too…there’s acts of the incredibly dangerous, acts of the jaw-droppingly sexy, acts of the completely insane and acts of the absolutely ridiculous…it’s danger meets sexy with a big dose of comedy, so you really never know what to expect next!

Currently Touring Australia! You can see them at the following dates and locations:

9/9 Crowbar Brisbane

10/9 Taps Surfers Paradise

17/9 Imperial Hotel Sydney

22/9 24 Moons Melbourne

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