Want to liven up the pool room?

Arcooda is an innovative new arcade machine that you’ll want in your home! It combines all your Xbox, PlayStation and PC games with a fully functional arcade machine using classic arcade joystick and pushbutton controls 

Arcooda is a Newcastle based manufacturing company who are designing these inspiring gaming machines to export around the world – first off the line is the Xtreme Game Wizard Arcade Machine.

Launched in 2016 it’s a two player multiplatform machine that connects to the current Gen gaming machines such as Xbox One and PS4, as well as Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Steam, and, of course, game and motherboards. Still to come in 2016- 17, the Game Wizard for all your favourite Android games, the Arcooda Video Pinball Machine and a yet to be announced (read epic) desktop machine.

It’s time to take your gaming experience to the next level with Arcooda’s Xtreme Game Wizard machine!

Latest Arcooda machines
Touch Wizard 

Touch Wizard offers incredible flexibility in entertainment. Enjoy all the benefits of Google’s Play Store apps, download your favourite android games, social media and music apps for the widest range of fun on a commercial grade arcade desktop machine.
The Touch Wizard supports a number of games – from classic arcade and pinball machine titles to games for external consoles and PC. Two switches on the front of the machine allow users to easily change between Android and console mode, touchscreen and joystick mode.

  • Play via Touch, Joystick or Hand Controller
  • Jukebox Sound Including Subwoofer
  • Supports All Current Consoles


Arcooda Video Pinball 

Arcooda Video Pinball is the world’s first full-sized touchscreen video pinball machine with real pinball parts and interchangeable control panels. It has been designed to give players an authentic pinball experience. Arcooda Video Pinball brings players into the new era of pinball. It’s a high quality, commercial-grade video pinball machine suitable for the home or commercial properties. Place Arcooda Video Pinball in your home games room to entertain the family, grab one for the man cave or install a machine in your business premises to keep your patrons entertained.

  • It’s A Real Pinball Machine
  • 42-inch Touchscreen Game Play
  • Arcooda Pinball Arcade Exclusive
  • Universally Compatible – Play The Way You Want
  • Widest Range of Games

Game Wizard for Android

Game Wizard for Android is a multi-platform gaming machine that provides endless entertainment options. Users can simply connect to their Google account and start downloading their favourite games and apps from Google’s Play store onto the machine. For more choice, plug in PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC or arcade JAMMA boards (no need for additional adapters). Play via touchscreen, arcade joystick and pushbuttons or console hand controller.