Tattoo Artist: Coen Mitchell


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Awarding winning artist

We’re not ashamed to admit that we’re huge fans of Coen Mitchell, and his former studio – Matt Jordan’s Ship Shape Tattoo, as an artist he has continued to grow taking on bigger projects and developing his own unique style and feel. While many have tried to copy him he is a leader in his style and field. Editor, Vanessa Morgan, caught up with Coen while he was in Sydney to hear what he had to say and to work on an upcoming cover story.

Inked: We’ve done a fair bit with you over the last few years about all your achievements, what’s changed of late? Where in the world are you?
Coen Mitchell:
Currently I am in Sydney Australia, guest spotting at a beautiful studio. While I am still based in New Zealand, I have recently decided to visit Australia more to work and see clients who admire my work. I do plan to visit America and Europe in the future. My most recent achievements were winning a great Sunshine Coast convention in Australia late last year, and have also signed a sponsorship with a great needle company “Helios Needles”.

What expos are next for you? Australia and overseas? At this stage I am just focusing on working close with clients and other artists in studios over the world, I will be attending the big New Zealand show and hopefully some around Europe and UK that I have been invited too. Over the past few years I have been lucky enough to walk away with a few awards so definitely looking forward to pushing myself further over the next coming years and hopefully take out some more categories with my work.
International expos are definitely a great way to connect and work with other artists and clients over the world. Last year I tattooed Kelly Shibari a famous actress from America who was very lovely. It was great to be able to work with people like Kelly who help with international exposure of my work.

And the award shelf must be full around now with international acclaim, what have you picked up? Yes, it’s going quite great and I feel honoured to have won some great awards at some great international shows. I’ve won a few categories but some top ones include:
INK ATTACK TATTOO CONVENTION (SUNSHINE COAST, AUSTRALIA) – 2016 Artist of the year, Artist of the weekend.
Rites of passage (Melbourne, Australia) – Best of Day Sunday 2016.

I was also proud to have been sponsored last May 2016 by a great needle company “Mithra needles” who invited and brought me over to the great Langfang Tattoo Convention to Tattoo there in Beijing, China where I learnt a lot and met some really cool people.

Do you have somewhere to store them? Yes, I have them stored with family, so they are well looked after while I travel. Definitely looking forward to displaying them in a studio of my own in the future.

You pretty much have a style of tattooing that you’ve named and created and that artists wish they could pull off, how does that feel? To be honest I never thought it would take off as fast as it has, But its really cool to see other artists being influenced by my work and then labelling their work as “mosaic flow” style when they post online and through social media. The style is always growing and I can’t wait to start pushing out more unique ideas.

Hopefully we can continue to follow your path, what market would you most like to crack in to? More overseas, I’m really looking forward to working with more international clients, spreading my art and meeting new people.

Interview conducted by Editor: Vanessa Morgan

Main photo by Studio Republic