Vikings: Marked men

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Viking Rivalry!

Have you ever thought you had to live up to your big brother’s successes? If you fall short — you’re a failure. If you take a different path — you’re wrong. What if your brother was King of Denmark, and his rival land, Paris, was presented to you? Would you take it? During Season 4 of History Channel’s Vikings, there will be more war, seduction and deception than that of the years since 793 AD. Every episode, Rollo, brother of King Ragnar, will be tempted not only by power, but by Princess Gisla of Paris — a stranger to barbaric, tattooed men like himself.

“Is Rollo really betraying his brother?” Clive Standen (Rollo, right) teased Inked. “Or did he take the ultimate sacrifice to win [Paris] and give [Ragnar] the city he always wanted?” Standen says fans may see Rollo part from his stubborn, selfish habits.

Also posing a threat to Ragnar are two new brothers to the series, both with heavy face tattoos. Makeup mastermind Tom McInerny said, “These are an aggressive bunch of dudes.” Ragnar also has tattoos on his head hinting to his sons’ names and sailing routes.

Because there is little record of Viking tattoos, McInerny works with the actors to design each character’s ink. “We directly lift images from Viking carvings,” he said. Keep an eye out for the tattooed female Vikings in Season 4 too. “[Women] were savages when they went into battle,” McInerny said. “They didn’t mess around.” — Kirstie Kovats