Tattoo Artist: Hannah Pixie Snowdon

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Hannah Pixie Snowdon’s work is bold, distinctive with a touch of the feminine. Often her pieces are floral in nature, but unlike your granny’s walls they are beautiful modern art pieces. An amazing world traveller, in the true sense, she is currently focusing much of her spare time on raising funds for Nepal, where she will travel this year – help out her gofundme!

Shakthi Om is a movement of love. Created by Hannah Pixie and  Guy  two creatives and tattooers from Europe. After both having owned small businesses separately, and after both having had the opportunity to take a closer look into how ‘successful’ business often begin to work, how morals are often swept under the table and blind eyes turned where (needlessly) bigger profits are concerned they both decided it was time to pour a little of their spare energy into a different kind of ‘business.’
They intend on selling ethically produced artefacts, inspired by our minute to minute experience of this vibrant world. Designed themselves and brought to life by all their friends that they meet along the way. Wherever that may be. Always strictly limited pieces and handmade wherever possible. Items of power, for those who seek it. Be it clothes, artworks, jewellery, whatever our flight of fancy of the moment.

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