If like us you were saddened by the loss of Adam West then perhaps it’s time to celebrate the amazing man that will always be known as the ‘original’ Batman and the series that he brought to life with a BIF!, KAPOW, and an awesome can of shark repellent! Though technically not the first Batman, Lewis Wilson first played Bruce Wayne in the 1943 black and white version, West is the icon of icons and as an avid comic collector from the age of 10, Batman being one of his favourites, he took to the role and its 120 episodes with all the zeal we love about the Batman series.

The legacy created by West sees the  brand continue to grow 50 years after the TV series began, with 78 years since the caped crusader started kickin’ arse in the comic!

Hell, Batman is so significant that there’s a real course called The Science of Batman at the University of Victoria in Canada. The course description reads: “The extreme range of adaptability of the human body explored through the life of the Caped Crusader.”

And if Adam was a crazy enough fan to get a creative dentist add a little black Batman logo to one of his molars, then hell we can all throw on our black and yellow gear this week and celebrate this icon of a man!

1.”Better put 5 cents in the meter.”
2. “I wasn’t scared in the least.”
3. “Haven’t you noticed how we always escape the vicious ensnarements of our enemies?”
4. “Wait a minute, Dick. The junior prom’s coming up, isn’t it?”
5. Robin: “That’s an impossible shot, Batman.”
Batman: “That’s a negative attitude, Robin.”
6. “One should always keep abreast of foreign tongues, Robin.”

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7. “Don’t dip your oar in this sordid sea, Dick. You might be besmirched.”
8. Robin: “To the batcave?”
Batman: “And up the batpoles.”
Robin: “The batpoles?”
Batman: “Even crimefighters need their sleep, Robin.”
9. “The true crimefighter always carries everything he needs in his utility belt, Robin.”
10. “I think you should acquire a taste for opera, Robin, as one does for poetry and olives.”
11. “When you get a little older, you’ll see how easy it is to become lured by the female of the species.”
12. “Beware of strong stimulants, Robin.”
13. “Man-eating lilacs have no teeth, Robin. It’s a process of ingestion through their tentacles.”
14. “Go back outside and calm the flower children.”
15. “You know your neosauruses well, Robin. Peanut butter sandwiches it is.”
16. “You’re far from mod, Robin. And many hippies are older than you are.”
17. “Stop fiddling with that atomic pile and come down here!”

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18. “Careful, Robin. Both hands on the Bat-rope.”
19. “I know. Hieroglyphics self-taught are a chore, Robin; but, it is a surefire way to unravel the secrets of the ancient mystics.”
20. “Tarnished reputations are unfortunate, Robin. We can live with those. However, a threat to all of Gotham City is something else.”

21. Robin: “The opposite of a girl is a boy!”

22. “Nothing’s sacred to those devils.”

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23. “The miserable weakling. He fainted dead away!”

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24. “He who laughs last laughs best, not good! Best! Best! Best!”

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25. “Perhaps, some other lifetime.”

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26. “No use, Joker! I knew you’d employ your sneezing powder, so I took an Anti-Allergy Pill! Instead of a sneeze, I’ve caught you cold!”

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27. “I’m always interested in the way of the criminal mind.”

I took this photo of my 13\14 year old tattoo I did on @robertheckman_art straight off the camera. Everyone said this would never last. Speak through hard work and dedication. This tattoo lasted because the client has taken care of his body and his skin. This means no sun tanning and healthy life style. I am truly proud of this tattoo. It is a staple in my career. I will post more shots all the way around. Even though it is not perfect I put every ounce of my self into it and did it with all my heart completely free on a friend that believed in me and trusted in my dedication. I work harder then I did then and smarter. I am giving a seminar @goldenstatetattooexpo on tattooing and how to push your self to your limits. Now let's go break our self again. #blessed #grateful #thankyou @blackanchorcollective @blackanchorbynikko @stencilanchored this tattoo changed my career forever.

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28. “Not this time, old chum. Have to think of the golfers. The retro-rockets would burn up the course for a hundred yards.”

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29. “Steady, Dick. It happened all right.”

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30. “That’s strange… when I close my eyes, I imagine something quite astonishingly different.”

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