Tattoo Artist: Bumer

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Studio: 1891 Original Tattoo Co.

Bumer grew up in a country West Coast town in South Australia (Port Lincoln), where he began his career seven years ago. His style has evolved over the years and he enjoys all forms of tattooing but he is most well known for his hyper realism/portrait style tattoos in colour and black and grey.

He has found a niche in his award winning dark style horror & movie portrait tattoos, but he enjoys all styles of realism, dark or pretty, memorial or portrait work including animals & anything in between.

Bumer prefers day sittings with clients as it gives him time to work best creatively for the client, both before and during the tattoo. He prefers one on one time with his clients on the day and correspondence before to achieve the best possible outcome for the client.

Bookings can be made via email consultation (free of charge) at and to secure a day spot, only a minimum charge of $200 deposit is required prior. He looks forward to hearing from you and adapting your ideas into an artistic piece.

Inked: What do you love about doing horror tattoos?
Bumer: I’ve always been a crazy horror nerd since I can remember! From my favourite classic horror movies from Sean S. Cunningham, George A Romero and Wes Craven, just to name a few, to horror novels from Steven King and Bram Stoker. There’s just something that has always drawn me towards horror, closet psychopath perhaps haha?
I also idolise the art masters of horror like Basil Gogos and Ed Repka, their colour palettes are just mind blowing and so inspirational! I also find I have a lot more freedom with horror, you don’t need to replicate a zombie perfectly, almost all of my references are just pictures of normal people that you can add blood, cuts, glazed over eyes and whatever else you want as your going. I’ve always said, ‘if all else fails, add more blood!’

Inked: Tell us about your sponsors, who has supported you?
Bumer: I am so grateful to have such amazing support from the sponsors that I’ve been fortunate enough to pick up over the years! First of all, INKJECTA machines has had my back since day one, still the best machines I’ve used and they just keep getting better and better with every machine, they’ve gotten me through a lot of tough times and given my broke-ass free booths at conventions and machines whenever I needed them. Inkjecta also got me onto my second sponsor, PROTAT AFTERCARE, the owner Mick is honestly one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met and I’m honoured to be part of the team thanks to him and Byron Dreschler (aka Inkjecta). More recently I was lucky enough to be picked up by ELECTRUM STENCIL PRODUCTS, these guys make the BEST stencil products I’ve had the pleasure of using, this goes along way being mainly a portrait artist relying on stencils to not rub off (which they don’t!)
I am also lucky enough to be part of the STARBRITE COLOURS pro-team (which is also incorporated with ‘TOMMYS SUPPLIES’ in the USA) for all of my pigment needs! These have always been my favourite inks, from colour range, consistency and healing, there’s just nothing better! They not only supply all my inks but always offer me booths at conventions and guest spots around the US. Most recently I was fortunate enough to be welcomed with open arms, to the METRIX NEEDLES Pro-team! METRIX NEEDLES owner Joe METRIX @metrixneedles, is an absolute fucking legend first of all! One of the nicest, most generous and genuine people I’ve met over the years. He is always the first man to message me about what I need and always saves me a spot in the METRIX booths at conventions. As my memory serves me, Joe, My awesome girlfriend and I shared a 2kg burger at the Inked Magazine convention after party recently when he officially sponsored me hahaha love you bro! I also lucky enough to have some awesome support from clothing companies that hook me the fuck up big time like VANDALIZE THE SKIN, DROP THE ANCHOR and PLUS2CLOTHING. Too all of my sponsors and supporters of my work, I’m absolutely humbled and more than grateful for each and every one of you for making my job so much easier!!

Inked: Who would you like to do Collabs with?
Bumer: Too many choices haha! I’d be absolutely terrified if I ever had the opportunity, but my first choice for a collab is and will always be my favourite tattoo artist, Paul Acker. His horror tattoos are an amazing inspiration and I would love to pick his brain about everything horror and tattoo related! I also love collaborating with artists with very different styles to mine who I constantly draw inspiration from, @INSAMNIA (aka Sam Nugent) with his gnarly horroralien bio work. Beny Pearce  with his crazy smooth black and grey. Brendon Boz  and Dan Millar (who I’m fortunate enough to work with and have done collaborations with before), with their unique mix-up of neotrad/realism work. Hanging to do something with my homie JAKE DANIELSON cause he’s a badass in every way. This list could literally go on forever, this is just the super condensed version! I just love working with mates and you can always learn amazing things from anyone, which is my favourite part of being a tattooist!

Inked: What piece would you love to do, but haven’t had a chance yet?
Bumer: Another impossible question haha. I’m going to have to say any portrait to do with Will Ferrel or Danny McBride. I fucking love movie portraits, especially doing ones of my favourite actors! I’m lucky enough to have recently done a will ferrel portrait as ‘Gator’, but I’m still hanging to do mannnny more, any takers please get in contact haha. Anything funny is always a pleasure, but I also love my classic horror portraits, which I’ve done plenty of but never get tired of doing! Anything Freddy, Jason, American Psycho or horror movie related please!

Inked: What expos are you planning to do this year?
Bumer: I’m planning on doing the rest of the AUS TATTOO and RITES OF PASSAGE TATTOO FESTIVAL shows, run by the man himself KEV MACK who has also supported me a fuckload over the years, cheers homie! Perth AUS TATTOO EXPO PERTH (15th-17th September), RITES OF PASSAGE TATTOO FESTIVAL (27th-29th of October) and The AUS TATTOO EXPO MELBOURNE (1st-3rd December). Hope to see everyone there and thank you again for this opportunity to talk some trash for an amazing magazine and huge supporters of the tattoo industry! Love love!