VIDEO – Tattoo removal: What does it look like?


Laser Cosmetica
Kasey Vane
56 King Street, Warrawong

Inked: What machine/laser are you using and why is this your choice for tattoo removal?
Laser Cosmetica: In clinic we use the Medlite which is a Q switched laser. Q switched lasers are very effective because they have a very high power and short pulse duration that shatters the tattoo pigment.

Inked: How long have you been removing tattoos?
Laser Cosmetica: I’ve been a laser therapist for 11 years, and now have been specialising in removing tattoos for the past 3 years.

Inked: What are the most common tattoos you remove?
Laser Cosmetica: Definitely ex partners names or weddings dates. We also get a lot of men with tattoos done when they were younger that they want to try and lighten before getting a coverup.

Inked: What is the worst thing a person can do when getting tattoo removal?
Laser Cosmetica: The most important thing is the keep the skins integrity. I never want to damage the surrounding skin tissue, only want to impact the tattoo. So tattoo removal should be easy post-treatment if the therapist knows what they’re doing.

Inked: What do you suggest people do before getting tattoo removal? 
Laser Cosmetica: Do your research. Find a clinic that  are using amazing equipment and that also have experience removing tattoos. I’ve seen so many horror stories!

Inked: What’s  the best way to care for your tattoo afterwards? 
Laser Cosmetica: It’s very similar to when you get the tattoo. I advise all my clients to keep it covered for a few hours, especially if it’s on an area that can rub on clothing or shoes. Be careful with heat, no picking, stay away from sun and use a spf on the area.

Inked: What are the hardest tattoos to remove?
Laser Cosmetica: Cover ups are very hard, as the tattoos has  layers of ink. I also find that tattoos that have been etched so hard into the skin and are slightly raised can be hard to breakthrough, but eventually get there.
Tattoos that are quite fine and delicate tend to remove easiest, especially anything that has shading.

Inked: Does placement of tattoos have any significance when it comes to removal? Is it more painful to remove tattoos in certain areas? 
Laser Cosmetica: Unfortunately tattoo removal is painful, but my technique definitely helps with handling the pain. I like to use ice packs and also cold hair to help my client have the most comfortable treatment possible.
Areas that are very close to bone tend to get the most response with pain e.g feet, rib cages. The extremities (arms and legs) will swell the most  always tell my clients to keep elevated as much as possible.

Tattoos that are furthest from the heart also take longer to heal.