Tattoo Artist: Josh “Loaf” Vermeesch

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Inked: How did you get started as an artist?

Josh Vermeesch: By getting tattooed. I started getting tattooed at 18 and attempted to get an apprenticeship and the shop told me 5 grand so I was outta luck with that so I kept getting tattooed and finally got an opportunity in Toledo Ohio so I moved down there slept on a friends floor/couch and started my apprenticeship.

Inked: What pieces are you most draw to or most enjoy doing?
Josh Vermeesch: I just like tattooing, I’m not super drawn to anything particular, I’ve always been real into American traditional tattooing since before I started and always love doing some flash new or old, but it goes in spurts as far as what I get sucked into, anything with a lot of line work that makes your eyes hurt has been what I’ve been drawn into the last few years along with Polynesian/Tribal work.

Inked: What makes you get up in the morning?
Josh Vermeesch: Generally my daughter or wife. Literally and figuratively, I work my ass off everyday and night to take care of them and the only way to do that is work harder and get better so other then my kid telling me to wake up to watch cartoons or drawn that’s why I roll outta bed.

Inked: What’s the studio like you work in?
Josh Vermeesch:  It’s everything a tattoo shop should be. It’s covered in flash and paintings from Jerry to Stoney to Roberts and Stell, the shop is a constant reminder of what tattooing used to be like and the little magic that’s left I guess. My bosses work harder then anyone I’ve ever met and they’ve both been doing it for 20+ years and both love tattooing, there are no ” cool guys” at our shop, if we have time we will do your Pinterest tattoo or a back piece, we just like tattooing.

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