Hannah Pixie Snowdon: Off with the Pixie!

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At just 24 years of age there is a mature beauty that resonates from within Hannah Pixie Snowdon. In founding her own studio and taking it on the road she has undertaken a journey
of both personal and professional discovery.

Photographs by Giuseppe Dante Sapienza

Inked: For those that don’t know your background, what made you follow this path?
Hannah Pixie Snowdon: Well, I started out working in a street shop with two of my best friends (Tom and James) when I was 16. I’d always been very academic at school but art was, and always had been, my passion. I became the desk girl in that little street shop, before my friends who got me the job took me aside one day and asked if I would [leave] with them. We decided then to open up our own studio in the small town we lived in. We called it Holy Mountain Tattoo and to this day it’s still the most magical place. It’s like a little vortex of incredible energy in the middle of this bizarre town. It’s bursting with character, just like the incredible personalities who work there. My friends were the brains behind the operation and they took me on as the official apprentice. By this point I had just turned 18 and was more than willing to learn whatever they could show me. After a couple of years working there I ended up moving away from home and decided to go it alone for a while. That’s when my baby, Black Stabbath, was born. It was awesome to have my own studio and business – especially one that was so portable. I spent almost four years working from my little studio space in Sheffield – between exploring, travelling and taking my craft wherever I could with me, just enjoying creating in all forms.

I love tattooing and I always will – there’s something so incredibly magical and primitive about the act of tattooing and getting tattooed yourself – and for many reasons I believe it will always hold a special place in my heart. That being said I do enjoy creating in all forms.

I want to be a creator primarily. Not just limit myself to the role of tattoo artist. We create our own realities after all, so if I can continue to make a living from the things I create with my hands until the day I die – well I can’t really think of anything that would make me happier.

Inked: Have there been life-changing moments on your journey?
Hannah Pixie Snowdon: 
Yeah a fair few! But without sounding too much like a total hippy I believe every day we have numerous moments in which we are given opportunities to learn and grow. It’s just up to us whether we are awake and willing to take them and push ourselves, or stay in the comfortable repeating the same unfulfilling patterns over and over.

Inked: How has your experience of Australia been?
Hannah Pixie Snowdon: In three words – beautiful, wholesome and inspiring. I feel like it’s been real life chicken soup for the soul.

Inked: I’m assuming with the tattoo industry being the way it is that you came here already knowing artists and people?
Hannah Pixie Snowdon: 
Not particularly. In general I tend to keep myself to myself. I try my hardest to show my face at conventions and to show my gratitude and thanks to the tattooing industry but I do keep my head down and protect my own space for the most part. I always ended up attracting the necessary magical people into my life anyway; I don’t believe you should have to force these things.

Inked: What would you say your passions are in life?
Hannah Pixie Snowdon: 
Creating, in any and all forms. I love cooking to relax, as well as the obvious things like painting and tattooing. I really do love using my hands as tools. I also have a huge wanderlust that I hope never ever dies. I just wanna drink everything up that this beautiful planet has to offer before we totally rape and pillage everything for our own materialistic gain as humans.

Inked: What’s the next step?
Hannah Pixie Snowdon: 
Just to keep floating on upwards through this crazy hectic and beautiful human experience. Learning and growing as I go.

Part two of our interview with Hannah Pixie Snowdon coming soon!