It may not surprise you that while I’m write this I am starving! Stuck at my desk thinking… mmmm burgers! Which inevitably shifts to burger tattoos, and to this almighty post about how devoted people are to food tattoos!

Now while we’ve looked at donut tattoos before burgers are big business these days! And gone are the days where you just get the choice of beef or chicken, no, these days you have everything from horse and camel to a array of fake meat burgers and, of course, kangaroo! Because in Australia we love eating our national icons.

So, in a search to fill my stomach I’ve travelled in to the world of burger tattoos so that you too can end up starving and reaching for UberEats, Menulog or Deliveroo! Don’t say i never share…

1. Is that a slice of spleen?


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2. This burger scored his owner free burgers for live! SIGN ME UP…
3. Double cheese? Lettuce, sauce, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun?

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4. Hit me cupid!
5. BUT… DYK? If we arrange all the Hamburgers eaten by Americans in a year in a straight line, it would circle our planet 32 times or more!

 6. The term, Hamburger, was derived from Hamburg steaks introduced in the US by German immigrants.

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7.  Well… that’s devotion…

В Европе и США безумно популярными стали татуировки, которые изображают еду, в том числе и наши любимые бургеры.Появилось даже модное направление боди-арта с названием #FoodTattoos, главными поклонниками которого являются гурманы и шеф-повара. Как объясняют эксперты, есть 4 причины, почему рисунки на теле в виде еды имеют успех:  1. Кулинария ассоциируется с любовью. 2. Еда связана с сексуальностью. 3. Пища является частью самоидентификации.  4. Еда – это навсегда. Если мода характеризуется непостоянством, то любовь к еде – это навсегда! Поэтому кулинарные татуировки являются достаточно практичным, долгосрочным выбором! #вмясо #бургерная #ярославль #бургеры #vmyaso#burger #бургерыярославль #акциивмясо#скидкивмясо #lovefood

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8. Fang food? During World War I, the US government and soldiers referred hamburgers as ‘liberty sandwiches’ to avoid its German connection.

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9. Aptly called “Glamburger,” one of the most expensive burgers in the world includes bits of edible gold leaf, lobster and caviar. It also includes ingredients like black truffle, Kobe beef, venison and a duck egg. The burger, which was created in 2014 by Honky Tonk restaurant in London, will burn a hole in your pocket with its $1,768 price tag!

Had so much fun with this tattoo 🍔🍔🍔

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10. Beef is still the most common meat used in burgers worldwide.

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11. Pizza love turned burger?
12. REALLY? The animal rights group PETA once offered US $15,000 to the officials of Hamburg, New York, USA, to change their town’s name to Veggieburg.
13. Fast food giant McDonald sells 75 or more burgers every second. It also holds the record of selling 300 billion burgers to date.

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15. Would you ever choose a burger over friendship? In 2009, fast food chain Burger King launched a campaign announcing a free (Whopper) burger to anyone who unfriended 10 people on Facebook. The publicity stunt was titled ‘Whopper Sacrifice’ and it broke some 233,906 friendships before it was stopped.
16. Bacon, jalapenos, cheese, lettuce and onions are some of the most common toppings for burgers worldwide.
17. Straight to the point!

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18. 28th May is International Hamburger day
19. In German, Burg means “castle”, “fortified settlement” or “fortified refuge” and is a widespread component of place names.

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20. handy…


And just because we care.. HERE IS A BONUS BURGER TATTOO… 

Cheese burger

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