It’s inevitable that when someone decides to get their face tattooed that their will be a line of people wanting to have their say and make assumptions about someone’s personal decision.

And when someone like Paul Booth, with a large social media following and a history of creating macabre pieces, live feeds tattooing a females face well the result is nothing short of amazing.

Paul Booth made a statement about the tattoo saying, “The fresh stuff on her face will lighten about 50% or so after it heals and settles in. That’s the plan. AND if i might add… yes she has a successful career and yes she knew exactly what she was getting into… and yes, i got to know her from our previous sessions before i even went near her face. You are looking at an empowered woman who did it in her own unique way… she is not a misguided fool. I’m honored to have played a role in that.”

Here is footage of the final product…

And for those with extra time who love to see what the experience would be like of having Paul Booth tattoo here is the second part of the session including the eyelid tattooing.