Privacy Policy


General statement
Many Internet users are unaware of how easy it is to give away information about themselves when they navigate the web. We respect and protect the privacy of our users. CMMA Digital & Print (ABN 48162202459) wishes the users of its online presence to know that it seeks to comply with all elements of the relevant privacy legislation.


Recordinging of visits
When you visit the CMMA Digital & Print website pages, our server makes a recording of the visits and logs the user’s server address, the user’s top-level domain name, the date and time of visit to the site, the pages accessed and documents downloaded, the previous site visited and the type of browser used for statistical purposes. No attempt is made to identify users, or their browsing activities, unless a law enforcement agency or a court exercises a valid warrant to inspect the service provider’s logs.


Collection of information
We collect personal information from visitors to our sites during online purchasing, registration, online customer service activity, and other similar activities. The personal information we collect will typically be used by CMMA Digital & Print to offer you special promotional offers and exciting product opportunities from time to time. We may occasionally make your email address available to other carefully screened marketers who we believe have products of interest to you. Should you not wish to receive these offers, please email us to that effect.


We will record your email address and other personal information if you send us a message, place a purchase with a CMMA Digital & Print online store , or respond to a prize or product opportunity. These will be used for the purpose for which you have provided them to CMMA DIGITAL & PRINT and from time to time we may email, and mail you with promotional offers and opportunities to purchase products from us. Should you receive an offer, you will always be provided with the option to opt out from further offers.


CMMA DIGITAL & PRINT makes use of “cookies” to make our website perform better. A “cookie” is a feature built into your browser that assigns you a “user ID”. Cookies are used to follow the pattern of movements of web users. Cookies let us know which pages on our website are visited, in what CMMA Digital & Print and how often. By themselves, cookies can’t be used to discover your identity ­ they merely identify your computer to our servers when you visit us. If you are unhappy about having a cookie assigned to you, you can set your browser to refuse cookies. Cookies are not used to CMMA Digital & Print any personal information such as your name, address or email address.


When you begin to place credit CMMA Digital & Print details on the CMMA DIGITAL & PRINT Online Store, a secure system software called “socket security layer” (SSL) encrypts all information you input before it is sent to us.


Information by mail
CMMA Digital & Print appreciates that some people may not wish to submit information via email or the Internet. If you do not wish to submit personal information to CMMA DIGITAL & PRINT through our websites or via email, you can write to Customer Service Office, CMMA Digital & Print 40-44 Red Lion St Rozelle NSW 2039


How can I access information that is held in my CMMA Digital & Print customer file?
We are happy to provide you with details of information held about you on our customer file. To access this information, you need to email or write to us using the contact details below. Please also include your name, address and email address so we can identify you.


You and your privacy
If you have any questions regarding any matters related to your privacy, or if you believe there has been a breach of your privacy, please contact us on:

CMMA Digital & Print 4-44 Red Lion St Rozelle NSW 2039


Contact details
CMMA Digital & Print Pty Ltd
40-44 Red Lion St
Rozelle NSW 2039
02 81973710



Orders and charges
Orders taken on the website will be considered binding.


CMMA Digital & Print Pty Ltd offer the right to our customers to seek a refund for services provided as follows: For amounts overpaid a full refund will be made in accordance with the method of payment originally made. A pro rata amount to date of cancellation of services billed in advance rounded to the end of month. Should our web site services fail to meet your specified requirements at the time our written or verbally requested contract for services was entered into, CMMA Digital & Print Pty Ltd will endeavour to remedy the problems to our customers’ satisfaction. Should CMMA Digital & Print Pty Ltd  product prove not to be suitable to client within 14 days of agreeing to proceed with advertising product, then product will be cancelled and a full refund of any amount paid will be made.


Suspension of supply and account cancellation
Where the customer is in violation of the these Terms Of Trade CMMA Digital & Print Pty Ltd, we reserve the right to refuse further work and may shutdown hosting of websites or display of Advertisement until such time that all issues have been rectified to the satisfaction of CMMA Digital & Print Pty Ltd

Where the customer is in repeated breach of these Terms Of Trade CMMA Digital & Print Pty Ltd reserves the right to cancel the customers account, and demand full payment of all outstanding moneys on the account.


CMMA Digital & Print Pty Ltd failure to insist upon the strict performance of any of these terms of trade shall not be deemed as a waiver of any rights that CMMA Digital & Print Pty Ltd may have in respect of any breach by the customer of any of these terms.


The customer will be held liable and must pay all fees and expenses relating to the taking of legal action against the customer by CMMA Digital & Print Pty Ltd with respect to any breach of these terms of trade or CMMA Digital & Print Pty Ltd credit policy.